Exquisite Corpse: with Shiori Nishida (史織ちゃん)


Shiori sings very naturally, but she needs to do it as much as possible. She wants to play the guitar well. She will, if Shiori-chan consults a panda, the panda will give her technique. I’d like to take panda to some coffee shop, in the coffee shop the Panda ordered marshmallows. Shiori ordered strawberries and sushi. Then after eating they flew to Hawaii and then flew to Brazil. Joining the samba, they danced, danced, and danced until the next day. They married and drank coffee forever.




In the Meiji period Japanese people had a secret Paul needs to disclose the truth to protect the world. But, Shiori knew that before he could do this he had to learn Japanese. To learn Japanese, he went to Africa. In Africa he discovered a magical French Lion called Deborah. Deborah said that Paul can’t learn Japanese without giving her Cécile. Yet, Paul asked himself, ‘Where the hell did Cécile come from? One moment ago she was living in Senkawa. Why am I giving Cécil to this French lion? Deborah said then “give me yogurt. Hmm hmm okay!! I will feed you chocolate cookie and marshmellow flavoured yogurt. She said ok! No, you should go to Hollywood the secret of Japanese will be there. Paul went to Hollywood searching for this secret. But, made a mistake and ended up in Bollywood. “No way! I have to go accross Collywood to Gollywood!!! So far !!! So far!! So far !!  So far far far far away !!







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