Japanese Animation / 001,日本のアニメ/ 一

Recently, I was introduced to Hayao Miazaki’s “Panda! Go Panda!” (1972) I haven’t seen the film but I want to watch it. The story features around a Father and son pair of Pandas. Who escape from the zoo and have a crazy adventure with a Tiger. I’m going to watch it soon! Eyeball the trailer below.

最近、僕は宮崎さんの『パンダコパンだ』のアニメを紹介しました。映画は見たことないけど見たいです。ストーリーはパンダのパパと息子さんのピントに的を絞ります。このパンダは動物園に逃げて虎とクレージーな冒険をします。私はすぐに見えましょう! 皆も見るね。

Secondly last year I watched two Japanese Anime films. The first recently became the most successful of all time, kimi no nawa (your name)is a story of gender swapping, the trials and tribulations of emotional life, and a meteor. The characters are Mitsuha and Taki. They transport the viewer into beautiful drawn moving pictures of Tokyo and Itomori in the Hida region of Japan. Watch this for a great depiction of Japanese culture, and a fine example of a uniquely Japanese style of animating. My favourite part is when Mitsuha first swaps bodies with Taki, and she has to use the correct male word. The painterly images of Tokyo are very realistic, the animators did a good job.


The film ‘Koe no katachi'(Form of Voice) is a rather long but interesting anime. Set in a high school and featuring an arrogant boy and mute girl. You are really invited to mull over what it’s like to be bullied, and to bully. Topics such as suicide are explored, and the film’s images serve as a potent reminder of the varied differences between people. It also formally showcases the culture of confession. All in all interesting but a tad too long.


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