I’ll diss if you take the piss!!

Recently, there have been a few encounters with individuals so rude it made me say “dude!”. Resulting in me wanting to say this ‘Diss’, but I am not so violent so I just wanted to share it digitally.

“What are you doing coming into this place?
It’s not for your dumb face!!

So, let me show you out of this space, you look like you need a brake!
I advise stepping out of this race , you aint handling the pace!

Damn, Why did you put me in such a rage? I was only turning the page when you started pretending to be a sage, and no I don’t mean the herb, you should have just read the blurb!

‘Burp burp burp’, Why you so full of gas?
‘Churp Churp churp’, Why are you called Bird?
Happy as Larry… wait your name is not Larry it’s Barry or Harry? Sorry Gary? You’ve just become nameless and I am so shameless!

Enough of this lameness, I must admit your humorous. Giving yourself a hernia in such a hysteria. Just one last word of gratitude or platitude. This is OVER because I just helped you bend back over!!

Cheers P.”

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