Enacting Nietzsche’s Artistic Metaphysics: Notes For Future Artistic Practitioners. (1 – 1.2)

[1] In Nietzsche’s the Birth Of Tragedy: Out of The Spirit of Music (1872) the all powerful thinker of Modernism; described an artistic creative force in the ancient world. These notes seek to achieve the unenviable task of translating, studying, and re-animating this Dionysian/Appoline or Orphic/Homeric Artist Metaphysics for those who may feel need for the application of such wholesome processes of thinking in their own aspirations and creative endeavours. In the face of the herd mentality of contemporary arts it makes sense to return to Nietzsche (unlike Friedrich I do not despise the herd quite as much; after all what are you to partake in if you desire to provide woolly garments or feeding others?). Let me clarify why study him? Nietzsche more than any other thinker in history embraced an undiluted creativity that saw him through writing remind us of some unavoidable truths: a) Like Hegel, there is the whole master slave praxis, b) Authentic toxic nihilism solves absolutely nothing, c) The Goddesses/Gods have NOT seized to exist, d) to fully apprehend the world is a solitary achievement, e) Science of all things should become feminine rather than masculine, f) Perfecting your perfect perverse perspective is paramount to the constitution of these metaphysical acts of creation we meta-moderns wish to see!

[1.1] “Nietzsche, Nietzsche, Nietzsche whatta creature!  Nietzsche, Nietzsche, Nietzsche whatta feature!
Nietzsche, Nietzsche, you were never a preacher!
Nietzsche, Nietzsche you’ll always be a teacher!

[1.2] So let us understand the hidden possibilities of re-reading the thoughts of this great mind. How are we to enact his demands, “To see science under the lens of the artist, but art under the lens of life”… and: “as artistic powers which spring from nature itself, without the mediation of the human artist, and in which nature’s artistic urges are immediately and directly satisfied; on the one hand as the world of dream images … on the other as an ecstatic reality, which again pays no heed to the individual , but even seeks to destroy individuality and redeem it with a mystical sense of unity.” (Nietzsche, B.O.T, (2))

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