Phenomenology 現象学

Phenomenology 現象学 [げんしょうがく] – Short Review – Professor Stefano Micali Studying at the Institute of Philosophy at KU Leuven University is a great experience for many reasons. But one of the main positives is its role and position within the intellectual traditions of the European continent. Specifically this institute at this university is presently a member […]

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Hyperstition & ENIAtype: Two Useful Concepts I Gained From Nick Land.

2 Great Concepts Gained From Thinker Nick Land   哲学者, ニク・ランドから二つの良い概念 _     I have almost completed a critique of this powerful philosophers contribution to contemporary thinking. My disagreements with this British philosopher surround the philosophy he helped father Accelerationism. This has made one re-think Land’s ideas revealing the value of two concepts that […]

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