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2 Great Concepts Gained From Thinker Nick Land


哲学者, ニク・ランドから二つの良い概念




I have almost completed a critique of this powerful philosophers contribution to contemporary thinking. My disagreements with this British philosopher surround the philosophy he helped father Accelerationism. This has made one re-think Land’s ideas revealing the value of two concepts that are worthy of continued usage as they are both very useful. An ‘ENIAtype’ (which is an interdisciplinary architectural practice – Land showed me this in an article called Ideation), and a ‘Hyperstition’.






An ENIAtype is a process of learning that is under construction. Land discussed it because of an article he wrote on the work of Dr. Shaun Murray who created this as a multidisciplinary architectural practice that focuses on understanding the complexities of the built environment. Looking at ENIAtype’s website you are confronted with many design ecologies that portray the contemporary necessity of re-thinking architecture on an ecological scale… as humanity alters ecology in an increasingly aggressive and invasive way. The projects Dr. Murray has worked on are examples of human inquisitiveness and a refined creativity resulting in projects that you wish to know more about; take Beijing Enia (2003), and Information Polyp (1998) for example. The former is a project which aims to protect Beijing’s precarious water issues, the latter is a delightful object a weird Duchampian stoppage for the digital age. Why is this concept so important? It brings to the foreground the need to understand the outcomes of the internet as a human process of learning. Is the internet making us more equal via “knowledge production”, if so how is this the case? Only from the perspective of the first person so therefore solipsistic, and potentially monolingual in a language of empire, of English. An ENIAtype should be a concept that can equip thinking today with a need for equality because it explicitly allows for continuation and a positive motion instead of/or, rather than traditional modes of knowledge acquisition which have been feeding the inequality of capitalism. So, when we think about changes in the concept of education itself this is a word we may use to establish new perspective.

エニアタイプは習うの方法を続く事と建設する。ランドさんはこのトッピクをドクターシャン・ムリーの記事のでエニアタイプが建築学的な分かる方の周囲です。ウェブサイトに見っているで君はたくさん大切なデザインの生態学を見える。このムリーさんの面白いプロジェクスは人間の探聞と上品な独創性の一例だから、北京エニア (2003年)、インフォメーションポルプ (1998年)。前者は北京のお水の風前の灯と後者がデジタル時代ので変なデュシャンの終わる物です。なぜコンセプトは大切ですか。インテネトは人間の習う方は分かる事を前景に来る。インテネトは皆さんためにもっと対等を成れるの?だからどうですか。第一人称けど独我論と多分単一言語だ。エニアタイプは人間の考える方ために伝統的な知識を作るよりおっぴらな習うの続く事の方がいいです。だから、皆さんの教育を変わる事を考える時でこの単語が新しい遠近法を始められる。





A hyperstition is a noun definitely co-authored by Land and the equally brilliant Amy Ireland. The word represents or tags the exact moment an idea is accepted by a culture. The word may become extremely useful, and at least in my eyes it carries a powerful demand to think in different ways: anthropologically, politically, genealogically. For example, a political example would be whatever ‘neo-liberalism’ actually represents (a discriptive term used to discuss the transfer of power from government to business) – is this term, or was this term an hyperstition? I hope not. For it to be one the notion would contain within itself the characteristics of its acceptance in our mass-market reality. Lets hope that this is not a valid example and just a waste of word space. One reason this concept fascinates me is it seems to carry a strong relation with time. It has an inflection for present contemporary usage. My understanding is the hyperstition is an event, a moment where a new idea enters and is not rejected by a culture. As a concept it is interesting because if we have a tag for acceptance then surely we should have a word for rejection also? Also, what is the underlying structure this word covers – using this word we immediately are called to consider the relation between ideas and cultures.

ハイパースティションはこの名詞がニク・ランドとアイミー・イランド一緒に作りました。この単語はアイデアを文化に入る時を描く。ハイパースティションは超便利成るので、私の意見で強い要求にいろいろな考える方、人類学と政治的と系譜です。例えば、政治的な事例はネオリバーラリスム (記述的な用語は力を政府よりビジネスに入る) これはハイパースティションありますか。私は欲しいじゃないです。もし、有ったらこのコンセプト中に大衆向けの現実で了解済みです。是非、これは無効な例えと単語のスペースを無駄にする。一個の理由はこのコンセプトを時間の関係もある事を引き付ける。今ために偏愛します。私の理解はハイパースティションを一つの事件のでアイデアが文化に入る。もし、ハイパースティションは受諾のタグをすれば拒否のタグをしなければなりませんか。も、何を傍線がハイパースティションはしますか。このコンセプトを使って、直ちに文化とアイデアの関係をもっと考えろ…                              

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