Letter to Muhou-san and the Antaiji Sangha.



[The following is a copy of an email I will send to the head abbot of this temple in Japan. To start a discourse and one day perhaps visit to formally practice Buddhism. I look forward that moment and the start of a long and warm conversation.]

Dear Dōchō-san (abbot Muhō), and the Zen community at Antaiji,

I hope this letter reaches you quickly and I would be happy if you read this letter. I am Paul Harrison an animator and thinker who is at heart Buddhist. I have lived and worked in Tokyo Japan for two years. I’ve been learning Japanese studying with Yoko Morita sensei. Yoko told me about your temple, and so I wanted to make contact with your sangha in Hyogo. Now the first wind of spring has past you all must be looking forward to very pleasant weather (I hope you do not suffer from hayfever). Anyway the reason I am writing to you is I want to understand Zen more deeply. My teacher Mrs. Morita teaches Engaged Buddhism, and translates for a Taiwanese temple here in Tokyo. Sensei has taught me many things and ways of practising Buddhism. But, I wanted to ask you Muhō, and your Sangha’s members some questions to help spread the Buddhist truth into the wider world.


-Paul Harrison





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