2 x B

Two Bens:Two Artists Using Japan for Inspiration. (Benjamin Bardou’s ‘Tokyo Wanderings’, and Ben Jeans Houghton’s film ‘2nd Life’.) [Ben J. Houghton’s film ‘2nd Life’ was exhibited at Bloc Projects in Sheffield.] The French artist Benjamin Bardou’s work is a visual feast at first sighting on Instagram one was hooked asking what is this new glitchy […]

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皆さん、この情報は西の哲学の勉強ためにとても便利です。もし、皆さんは私を同じのでラチン語と古いギリシャ語を全然知りないからこれの単語と文章が手伝います。じゃ英語だけごめんなさいですけど楽しんで下さい。 このブログのポーストは多分間違えも有るけど原因のサイト:  1) https://philosophy.unc.edu/files/2013/10/Latin-and-Greek-for-Philosophers.doc 2) http://www.webpages.uidaho.edu/ngier/309/greekterms.html ポール Latin prepositions used in the following definitions: a or ab: ‘from’ ad: ‘to’ or ‘toward’ de: ‘from’ or ‘concerning’ ex: ‘from’ or ‘out of’ per: ‘through’ or ‘by’ in: ‘in’ or ‘on’ sub: ‘under’ post: ‘after’ pro: ‘for’ or ‘in exchange for’ propter: ‘because of’ A fortiori: preposition + the ablative […]

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