In pursuit of Japanese fluency every Westerner is faced with the dilemma of how or what to do about the languages three alphabets … Hiragana and Katakana are difficult enough then a normal person will look at Kanji and say, “Well I am not Asian therefore I am not obliged to learn it. I, on the other hand, are a mischievous animator constantly seduced by all kinds of literature from Graffiti to poetry and especially graphic poetry.

The following is an abuse of Instagram. A collection of recent calligraphy and writing from various Asian hands with some translation and comments.

日本語のペラペラを追撃するで西人はこの言葉の三つのアルファベットが問題をどうしますか。平仮名とカタカナ十分な難しいです。普通の人は漢字を見たに(じゃ、私はアイジ人ではいないので学びの義務を有りません。しかし、私はわれぱくなアニメーターいるからいつも全ての文学で落書きから詩まで、図形の詩の方がいいとこの物は僕を靡かす。…これはインスタの悪用しています。最近、書道は色々なアジアの手からと翻訳と注釈の収集です。 (2)

Peaceful Wisteria @y_bikin


Blog kanji 001

Pink frilly decoration, like a small garden.

Lesser Cuckoo … @Shoorei


Blog kanji 002

Now, I have no choice. Now I live as a woman .  @Shunpu


Blog kanji 003

With writing, really a moist instrument,

A wealthy rich culture comes. @Mashiko798

Blog kanji 004

Before trying to be someone, I think the things you couldn’t do are a way of introduction. @bein_S.0913


Blog kanji 005


Bugs/disregarding (disregarding small bugs, you say plates do not cry Kanji.

Haha, this one is a failed translation, the adjective is wrong. 笑、これは翻訳しないで、形容詞は悪いです。


Blog kanji 006


May also the yearly amount is over. Atmospheric temperature between the body’s condition will disappear (leave). Please look after yourself please. @kakichirashi


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