Sai Tamiya / タミヤ・サイ

  タミヤ・サイ /  Sai Tamiya, 私は君の絵とイラストレーションが本当に素敵ですのでもっと習いたいだから、もし、今月から三ヶ月まで君のお仕事を私とインタビューで話したら、本当にいいです。このアートはどう描けますか。絵は、マジックとみたいですけど、実君のタレントで、良い日本ので野党的な版画家と耽美を続ける事から現在世界に持って来ます…もっと当世流なし方です。 I think your illustrations are amazing and I want to learn more about them so it would be really good if over the next couple of months you would be willing to engage in an interview with me about your art and illustration practice. How you started making the images […]

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Three Essential Film Makers: Bo Choy, Sasha Litvintseva, and Stuart Croft

① #Bo Choy It can be a hard profession or even reality if you call yourself an artist. There is so much self directed pressure to succeed to show the value of what you create. In my case, such pressure to fulfill such an expectation gradually grew to unbearable and so like the following artist […]

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