Tainan: 离开鼠标进入牛

[Líkāi shǔbiāo jìnrù niú.]

Whilst we return to work here in East Asia after the new year celebrations; I want to wish everyone a happy new year and to reminisce on our trip down South to the old city of Tainan. First of all I have to thank my lover because she did all the driving (and, remember I need to re-take my driving test so she does not always have to be behind the wheel). Anyway, we spent three days in the city and the following is a short account of our holiday. We slept at the small but pleasant Konkai Inn今回行旅.

在新年庆祝活动之后,我们回到东亚工作。 我希望大家新年快乐,并怀念我们从南方到台南老城的旅行。 首先,我必须感谢我的爱人,因为她已经完成了所有的驾驶(并且要记住,我需要重新参加驾驶考试,这样她才不必总是处于驾驶状态)。无论如何,我们在这座城市呆了三天,以下是我们假期的简短说明。 我们睡在小而宜人的Konkai Inn.

Before arriving I had read that Tainan is Taiwan’s oldest city and therefore the most culturally eclectic. The city did not disappoint with its many unique and intriguing locations. You can tell that the city has a vibrant cafe and bar culture because we had to queue to enter both Kadoya カドヤ cafe, and Moonrock Bar. We did manage to get into Bar_infu and although I enjoyed my cocktail I preferred the taste of my partner’s mocktail (the Hita I drank at Moonrock was also very pleasant). Over the three days we walked around 40 km and had a great experience of the city. A city that was originally an occupied trade post for the Dutch.

到达台湾之前,我曾读过台南是台湾最古老的城市,因此也是文化上最折衷的城市。 这座城市的许多独特而迷人的地方并不令人失望。 您可以说这个城市拥有充满活力的咖啡馆和酒吧文化,因为我们不得不排队进入KadoyaカドヤCafe和Moonrock Bar。我们确实设法进入了Bar_infu,尽管我喜欢喝鸡尾酒,但我更喜欢伴侣的无酒精鸡尾酒的味道(我在Moonrock喝的Hita也很愉快)。在三天的时间里,我们走了大约40公里,对这座城市有了很好的体验。 一个原本是荷兰人占领的贸易站的城市。

One of the most famous tourist sites is the Former Tait & Co. Merchant House which has been completely reclaimed by nature. As you can see from the Banyan trees have grown wild throughout the remains of this old relic of trade. This area has a small and pleasant museum that offers a good explanation of its history. Another point of nature that is worth visiting and is also very popular for tourists are the Sicao Mangrove Forests and its Green tunnel 四草綠隧 Sì cǎolǜ suì. We took the tour of the tunnel and had to avoid the low hanging mangrove branches as the boat made its way down the tunnel.

最著名的旅游景点之一是前Tait&Co.商人之家,它已被大自然完全收回。 从视频中可以看到,我拍摄的那棵榕树在这个古老的贸易遗迹中遍地开花。 该地区有一个小型宜人的博物馆,可以很好地解释其历史。另一个值得一游的自然点也很受游客欢迎,它是Sicao红树林和其绿色隧道。 我们参观了隧道,当船驶入隧道时,必须避开低垂的红树林树枝。

All in all Tainan was a great holiday and a fantastic start to the new year. I hope this post inspires you to make the journey and visit this city in the future.总而言之,台南是一个美好的假期,也是新的一年的美好开端。 我希望这篇文章能激发您的旅程,并在将来访问这座城市。      

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  1. I was in Tainan and have to confirm the city is totally worth it to visit, there’s a lot of great street art, night markets and local things to discover 🙂 thanks for sharing and greetings from Portugal 🙂 PedroL

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