‘Creative Metaphysics 2.2 / “δημιουργική μεταφυσική”’

“Kreative Metaphysik”

“δημιουργική μεταφυσική”

“You say you’re a pessimist, but I happen to know that you’re in the habit of practicing your flute for two hours every evening.”

“Du sagst, du bist ein Pessimist, aber ich weiß zufällig, dass du jeden Abend zwei Stunden auf deiner Flöte übst.“

― Friedrich Nietzsche

Nietzsche and Schopenhauer represent something rather rare and increasingly even rarer. They were free and had created their own freedom. This freedom was different for each of these Germans. Schopenhauer’s was negatively charged and you can see how his freedom was created by relinquishing belief in freewill. Nietzsche’s freedom was the opposite and indispensable: a restatement of freewill. One that continues to add to this infamous debate between freewill and determinism broadly construed as the impossibility or unlikely-hood that we are truly free to make our choices and assume responsibility for our decisions.

However, is it not immediately obvious that these two contenders for the greatest manipulators of the German language subtly suggest that this distinction and demarcation is a pseudo-debate. Why? Why are these two Germans supportive evidence for cooling our contemporary enthusiasm for the supposed incompatibility between freedom and determination? In my observation of these two remarkable thinkers I see their combined legacy as an unwavering support for why we can determine our possession of freewill. The perspective that is written large over the writings of Nietzsche and Schopenhauer is the uniqueness of their combined efforts to create entirely new perspectives.

In these remarkable effort, we can grasp the idea that we can also experience something these thinkers clearly processed. Experiencing how through a combination of thinking and writing we can indeed determine the freedom of our will. This freewill, will be shown to escape both the long legacy of libertarianism or liberalism and the deterministic qualities of deductive maths and physics. This will be shown to offer up to our considerations and reflections the presence of a contemporary creative metaphysics.          

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