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Paul Harrison was born (on Monday 21st August 1989) in a hospital that no longer exists in the humble village called Beverley in the east side of an area of the north of England called Yorkshire. He has lived and worked in four different countries and actively studies two foreign languages, attempts to use language in creative ways, has undergraduate degrees from the universities of Sheffield Hallam and KU Leuven and teaches English as a day job. Investing in thinking, teaching, writing, and learning.


#Metanoetic_Madness is a blog that documents the activities of this Englishman and it now does so in the following ways: 1) through actively contemplating and engaging with a Metanoetic Madness (the capacity of human animals to successfully appreciate their external limitations, differences, and finite existences. The word Metanoetic is taken from the thinking of the Japanese philosopher Hajime Tanabe of the Kyoto School and implies a process whereby our use of reason carries a confession-like limitation. 2) Researching myriad topics but with a focus on both language and animation; an interest inherited from both the past and present years of experience.




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