#Metanoetic Madness

/ Manifestations

It is the type of madness that sentient beings of all kinds encounter on the creative paths and multiversal routes of existence. Yet, in this attempt to get closer to such a thing you may find an interpretative community (this world forever misses you Mark Fisher), a humble attempt to curate wonder at the weirdness of this world. A beautifully belligerently bugging blog, but at the same contradictory time a peaceful space of meditation and therapy. Coming into existence as a scrapbook of fragmentary influences: animation, art, philosophy, language and cultural things…

After visiting this blob… bolg… b-b-blog we hope you find some posts, some scribblings, dribblings, inklings, sightings, think-things, and thought crimes hidden in its chronos powered archives. Anyway, one dreams that many folk will take pleasure from this madness because they may see their creativity and understanding reflected in the sequence of material marvels we seek to deliver. If your interested in contributing or just want to get in touch go ahead. In the coming decades participants will hopefully publish literature and animations galore!!! That is we seek to be a polymorphous entity that ferociously realises projects in collaboration and by our selves. Both an extension of the Sangha (Buddhist Community) and an interpretive community.


Below is the old aboutness: (It has some sentimental sentences)


Why blog? To share, to reach out to others that live in locations you may never ever visit? Maybe blogging is something that helps negate the meaninglessness of existence, itself placed, or perched upon the incomplete ground of time. Or, simply a graveyard for the many failed attempts at writing a person amasses over life. A repository for software yet to be installed, an archive of ‘thinking for thinking’s sake’. Humanity’s digital footprint might one day be all that is left of human efforts. On the other hand we may come to realise that web logging was the beginning of something fundamental for the continuation of civilization. Abolishing abounds in blogging, casting a large net for dutiful discussion, and it’s subset of joys. Positivity and it’s brother negativity bitterly bicker vying for a moment in the digi-light of binary transmission. The additions and subtractions of human culture will be scrutinised in the fires of my own clumsy confusions. After all, I have only ever been an imager imagining imaginary images. Yet, If I’m ever found wanting more. Please interpret, and read this scrawl of scribbled utterances as surmounting to nothing.