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This website #metanoeticmadness organically came about through a need to communicate and write. I am Paul Harrison born in the year 1989, on a Monday morning at 9:00am, in a hospital that no longer exists, in the East Yorkshire village of Beverley. I have graduated from Sheffield Hallam University’s Institute of Fine Art, and KU Leuven’s Institute of Philosophy. Having lived and worked in Sheffield, Tokyo, Leuven, Beijing, and Taoyuan I seek to continue learning, growing, changing, and researching.

Why #Metanoeticmadness? One of the driving forces for the decision to go and live and work in Japan was Buddhism. I read about Zen Master Dōgen on Wikipedia as a young man and then discovered the mysterious philosophy of Metanoetics [μετανόησις] in Tanabe Hajime’s Japanese: zangedō 懺悔道. You can read a more detailed description of this Japanese thinking here {<<>>}. However, Metanoetics is simply the idea that an individual will necessarily have to confess the limits of their reasoning at some point in time. This is a very good process. I use this as an adjective to describe madness because I think this word describes a state of nature that embraces a much larger set of potentiality and probability. In the English language the word can be used to express a kind of positive disbelief in something which is also an extremely useful process.

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