The Nøtel: The Architecture of Acceleration

PH (2017) The Nøtel: Lobby Welcome to the Nøtel your stay here will be more than comfortable as there are no human guests. This is a Hotel like no other, it has been built by future Chinese multi-billionaires in a manner that was imagined, and simulated in a computed architectural space. It’s origins are also […]

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Art = The Black Hole For Knowledge

When perceiving interpretations and accounts of the world and it’s western society you will notice a few things, firstly science and physics are continuously shaping our views of this world. Whether we are observing the newest discovery in subatomic particles or attempting to decipher a new theoretical notion in quantum processes and calculations which physicists […]

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Interview with Japanese Artist Chiho Ishii.石井千穂さんのインタビユーです。

1.Why did you become an artist? At first I love art, art has a lot of possibility. For example to change someone’s mind. 一、 何故画家になりましたか。 アートが好きだからです。アートは多くの可能性があります。 例えば、誰かの心を変えられるかもしれません。 2.Before making Installation Art what is the best way of doing research? It’s an important thing for making art… experiences of daily life. Sometimes daily life is more important […]

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