Tanabe Hajime’s Zange 懺悔: The Power Of Tariki

Tanabe Hajime’s Zange 懺悔: The Power Of Tariki • ‘Although Socratic ethical intellectualism did not develop as far as the self-reflective (für sich) stage of metanoetics mediated by salvation of Other-power, metanoesis is already implicit in its ironical dialectics.[ Tanabe Hajime, Philosophy as Metanoetics (1986), University of California Press, Berkeley and Los Angeles, California, Pp.17.]’ […]

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Exquisite Corpse: with Shiori Nishida (史織ちゃん)

001 Shiori sings very naturally, but she needs to do it as much as possible. She wants to play the guitar well. She will, if Shiori-chan consults a panda, the panda will give her technique. I’d like to take panda to some coffee shop, in the coffee shop the Panda ordered marshmallows. Shiori ordered strawberries […]

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Senryuu / 川柳

“Senryuu”is a humorous seventeen syllable comic haiku poem. They are somewhat difficult to make due to the need to reference real everyday life. In todays lesson my teacher Yoko gave me three good examples. 頑張れよ     Good luck, 無理をするなよ  It’s not impossible 休むなよ     Don’t rest. ・ 運動会      Sports day 抜くなその子は  don’t overtake 課長の子     boss’s child. ・ まだ寝てる       Still sleeping 寝ってみれば   […]

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