Inorganic Animations

Inorganic Animations: A Review of Spyros Papapetros’ ‘On the Animation of the Inorganic: Art, Architecture, and the Extension of Life’(University of Chicago Press: Chicago & London, 2012).   _____   Paul Harrison (2019). To what extent do humans have agency in the worlds they inhabit? What can we consider as animation? How far does life […]

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Papers From My Peer’s

Philosophy @Leuven in Belgium; & a Necro-psychoanalyst The following is a quick and too speedy review of the writings of some of the wonderful individuals I studied with in Leuven. Each person’s paper’s topic will be briefly explored; its ideas summarized and elaborated on so as to share and place this interestingly informed information into […]

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The Brothers Grimm (One day I’ll start learning German).

  I recently started preparing to start to study German next to my second language Japanese as these are the two languages that I wish to speak. After first learning from the great Esther Leslie’s Hollywood Flatlands: Animation, Critical Theory and The Avant-Garde (2002) that the early Walt Disney Animators where told to create animations from the […]

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Revolution From the khōra: Power From the Outside

_ (Paul Harrison) Throughout history there is a reoccurring pattern when it comes to revolution. If you observe the specific contexts of the revolutions that have taken place in many countries: Britain, France, Haiti, Russia, and China. Did they all happen because of an external influence? And, to what extent is this a component part […]

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Hyperstition & ENIAtype: Two Useful Concepts I Gained From Nick Land.

2 Great Concepts Gained From Thinker Nick Land   哲学者, ニク・ランドから二つの良い概念 _     I have almost completed a critique of this powerful philosophers contribution to contemporary thinking. My disagreements with this British philosopher surround the philosophy he helped father Accelerationism. This has made one re-think Land’s ideas revealing the value of two concepts that […]

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