A Hypnotic Hysteric Prefix: The “Hyperspectrums” of Logos

Here in the West philosophers use logic in many different ways, yet they all share in a desire for certainty, and a need to describe and visualize arguments. But, how many of them after learning how to use logic understand their belief in it? In this short essay one will explore this question because within […]

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Three Essential Film Makers: Bo Choy, Sasha Litvintseva, and Stuart Croft

① #Bo Choy It can be a hard profession or even reality if you call yourself an artist. There is so much self directed pressure to succeed to show the value of what you create. In my case, such pressure to fulfill such an expectation gradually grew to unbearable and so like the following artist […]

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2 x B

Two Bens:Two Artists Using Japan for Inspiration. (Benjamin Bardou’s ‘Tokyo Wanderings’, and Ben Jeans Houghton’s film ‘2nd Life’.) [Ben J. Houghton’s film ‘2nd Life’ was exhibited at Bloc Projects in Sheffield.] The French artist Benjamin Bardou’s work is a visual feast at first sighting on Instagram one was hooked asking what is this new glitchy […]

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皆さん、この情報は西の哲学の勉強ためにとても便利です。もし、皆さんは私を同じのでラチン語と古いギリシャ語を全然知りないからこれの単語と文章が手伝います。じゃ英語だけごめんなさいですけど楽しんで下さい。 このブログのポーストは多分間違えも有るけど原因のサイト:  1) https://philosophy.unc.edu/files/2013/10/Latin-and-Greek-for-Philosophers.doc 2) http://www.webpages.uidaho.edu/ngier/309/greekterms.html ポール Latin prepositions used in the following definitions: a or ab: ‘from’ ad: ‘to’ or ‘toward’ de: ‘from’ or ‘concerning’ ex: ‘from’ or ‘out of’ per: ‘through’ or ‘by’ in: ‘in’ or ‘on’ sub: ‘under’ post: ‘after’ pro: ‘for’ or ‘in exchange for’ propter: ‘because of’ A fortiori: preposition + the ablative […]

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The Nøtel: The Architecture of Acceleration

PH (2017) The Nøtel: Lobby Welcome to the Nøtel your stay here will be more than comfortable as there are no human guests. This is a Hotel like no other, it has been built by future Chinese multi-billionaires in a manner that was imagined, and simulated in a computed architectural space. It’s origins are also […]

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Revolution From the khōra: Power From the Outside

_ (Paul Harrison) Throughout history there is a reoccurring pattern when it comes to revolution. If you observe the specific contexts of the revolutions that have taken place in many countries: Britain, France, Haiti, Russia, and China. Did they all happen because of an external influence? And, to what extent is this a component part […]

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